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Lake Tapps Algae Update:

September 02, 2016

On Monday, Aug. 29, The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department sampled water from Lake Tapps. Again, test results did not show detectable toxins. Yesterday the Health Department checked 15 locations around Lake Tapps and did not see any algae. They will check again next week and if no algae is present the Caution Advisory for Lake Tapps will be lifted.  The Health Department informed Cascade: “For now our Caution Advisory remains in effect, and we encourage people to avoid areas where visible algae

Caution Advisory Remains in Effect at Lake Tapps

August 26, 2016

As part of their ongoing surface water monitoring efforts, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department staff checked seven locations around Lake Tapps on Thursday, Aug. 25, and found a small area of algae located adjacent to the Inlet Island bridge roadway. The Health Department collected an algae sample for further laboratory analysis of possible toxins and expects to get the results by Friday, Sept. 2.  If you see algae avoid the area. For more information click here: Share this:

Lake Tapps Algae Update

August 23, 2016

Following concerns regarding algae blooms in Lake Tapps last week – which when tested for toxins, were negative — the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department just informed Cascade that it inspected Lake Tapps yesterday and found no evidence of anything of concern in the water.  The reservoir will be checked again next week. Enjoy this summer weather!   Share this:

Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department Update on Algae in Lake Tapps

August 19, 2016

The Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department has lowered the Lake Tapps toxic algae advisory from a warning advisory to a caution advisory. People should avoid areas where visible algae may be present. The following statement was sent to Cascade by the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department:  “We would like to update you on the toxic algae situation at Lake Tapps. Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department received laboratory results from a Lake Tapps toxic algae sample earlier today, and no detectable concentrations of toxin were reported.

Lakefront Property Owners Can Help Control Aquatic Weeds

August 02, 2016

Cascade continues to control and prevent the spread of Eurasian watermilfoil in Lake Tapps as is required by law. However, treatment of native, aquatic plants is the responsibility of homeowners. For aquatic plant management options to control nuisance aquatic weeds, property owners must follow rules outlined by Washington State Fish and Wildlife. See attached document for more information. Here’s a link to the aquatic plant control pamphlet:  Aquatic Plants and Fish: Rules for Aquatic Plant Removal and Control .  For more info:  Options for Lakefront Property Owners to Control Aquatic Weeds Summer 16 Share this:

Swimsafe on Lake Tapps

May 23, 2016

Everyone agrees Swimsafe programs are working. Last year, the community celebrated three years with no deaths reported on Lake Tapps during the busy summer seasons of 2013, 2014 and 2015. Following a 2012 summer that saw three deaths in Lake Tapps, the surrounding cities, first responders, school districts  and Cascade Water Alliance, owner of the reservoir, came together to take steps to help swimmers and boaters who enjoy recreation on Lake Tapps and other area waterways stay safe in a campaign called

Lake Tapps Reservoir Levels Update

May 16, 2016

Cascade filled the Lake Tapps Reservoir to approximately 543.0′ (maximum full pool) today. This level will be maintained for about 24 hours, after which the level will be lowered (over the course of a few days) to elevation 542.5 – 542.75′, which is the level planned for the remainder of the recreational season (through at least Sept. 30). Cascade has raised the reservoir levels to approximately elevation 543′ each year since 2010. The reservoir level has reached approximately elevation 543′ in 12

Lake Tapps Incident Locator Program Expands

May 04, 2016

The Lake Tapps Incident Locator Program, first launched in 2014 by East Pierce Fire and Rescue, will expand significantly in coming weeks with funding from Cascade Water Alliance. The Incident Locator Program ensures public safety help gets where it’s needed when time counts by placing identification numbers on lake front properties. For more information click here:  Lake Tapps Incident Locator Program Expansion FINAL Share this: