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Water for today...and tomorrow FALL 2011
Message from the Chair
Hello! I am John Marchione, the new Chair of the Cascade Water Alliance Board of Directors. I also serve as the Mayor of Redmond. I just completed my eighth year on the Cascade Board, where I have served as the vice chair, and have served as chair of the Public Affairs Committee. I am deeply committed to Cascade’s objectives to provide clean drinking water, stable fish habitat and a safe recreational lake.

My recent emphasis with Cascade includes extensive outreach to the Mayors of Auburn, Sumner, Bonney Lake and Buckley to begin a critically important dialogue that eventually led to creating a water right on Lake Tapps that addresses Cascade's, the Tribes’ and the community’s long term needs. We've established a strong and ongoing relationship with these partners that will further our work in the Lake Tapps area.

Another key relationship vitally important to Cascade is with the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps oversees Mud Mountain operations which greatly impact the White River/Lake Tapps project. A group of us from Cascade recently met with Colonel Estook, the Seattle District Commander, to reinforce the importance of the Army Corps’ participation in managing the White River for fish and water use. The upstream dams play a significant role in the whole system.

In addition, I continue to work with our state legislative and Congressional delegations on issues of importance to Cascade, including the successful eminent domain legislation and the joint municipal utilities services authority. Thanks to this recent legislation, Cascade will this year change its form of government into a municipal corporation.

I am excited to continue our efforts to provide safe, reliable water to our region, and look forward to continuing our regional outreach and collaboration.

Message from Lloyd Warren, Immediate Past Chair
Lloyd Warren, ChairMy second term as Chair of the Cascade Board is coming to an end. It is time for one of our very capable Board members to take over this role. It has been an honor to serve Cascade since its beginning ten years ago and be part of such phenomenal accomplishments. Here are recent accomplishments that I am most proud of and have been involved in:

1. Creating Cascade as a new collaborative governance structure for delivering water supply to the region. Cascade is not a new government but rather a coalition of its member cities and water districts.

2. Implementing a water supply strategy that assures this region will have adequate supplies for the 21st century.

3. Buying Lake Tapps. This was one of the most complex real estate transactions that has ever occurred in this State.

4. Securing a water right for the Lake Tapps project that allows Cascade and the region to utilize water supplies in the most efficient and responsible manner for people and the environment.

5. Partnering with the Muckleshoot and Puyallup tribes in enhancing water flows and the environment in the White and Puyallup Rivers.

6. Developing great relationships with the neighborhoods and cities around Lake Tapps.

I plan to continue to represent the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District on the Cascade Board. Douglas MacArthur said that "Old soldiers never die; they just fade away."

Well, I may be an old soldier, but I am not ready to fade away. Water is part of my blood.

Cascade issues Transmission and Supply Plan
Cascade Water Alliance issued its draft Transmission and Supply Plan (TSP) in December, fulfilling Cascade’s responsibility to submit a water system plan to the state. The plan supplements information on regional water supply provided by each of its members in their respective water system plans. The plan describes Cascade’s current water supplies and operations and also its future plans for development of additional water supplies.

“In recent years, the downturn in housing and economic activity has affected demands for water throughout the Puget Sound region, and this effect is expected to persist for the next several years. This is a change from past planning efforts when rapid growth was occurring,” says Lloyd Warren, past-chair. “This, coupled with our conservation efforts, means the demand for water in Cascade’s service area is forecast to remain constant through 2020 at about 40 million gallons per day. After that, the demand begins to rise again.” Read more...

2012 Annual Meeting: New officers elected, new board members welcomed
2011 Report to the Community
New! 2011 Report to the Community
Cascade Water Alliance held its annual meeting on Feb. 22 and elected new officers. John Marchione, Mayor, City of Redmond, will serve as chair of the board. Covington Water District Commissioner David Knight will assume the duties of vice chair; and Tukwila Mayor Jim Haggerton will continue to serve as secretary-treasurer. Newly elected to the Board is Fred Butler, City of Issaquah deputy council president. Continuing their board services are City of Kirkland Councilmember Penny Sweet; Skyway Water and Sewer District President Jon Ault; and Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District Commissioner Lloyd Warren, immediate past Cascade board chair. At the time of the meeting, Bellevue had not yet appointed its representative to the Board.

Alternate Board Members include Bellevue Councilmember Don Davidson; Kirkland Deputy Mayor Doreen Marchione; Issaquah Councilmember Stacy Goodman; Redmond Councilmember Hank Margeson; Tukwila Council President Verna Seal; Covington Water District Commissioner Jeff Clark; Skyway Water and Sewer District Commissioner C. Gary Schulz; and Robert Brady, commissioner, Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District.

Conservation Matters
Cascade’s WaterSense efforts recognized in EPA's "First in the Nation" development to showcase conservation
zHome – the ultra-sustainable, 10-unit townhome development in Issaquah, a Cascade member agency, that is redefining the future of housing – is also the first community in the nation in which every home has earned the WaterSense label for new homes. Cascade Water Alliance provided WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, and bathroom faucets, as well as innovative, real-time use monitors for every unit to ensure maximum efficiency. Read more >

Cascade's Bellevue Office is Moving
Effective March 1, 2012, Cascade's new address is:

520 112th Ave NE, Suite 400 Bellevue WA 98004

Phone and emails remain the same

Lake Tapps office remains the same



Thank You, Water Connections Working Group
Lloyd Warren,
Immediate Past Chair

More than two years ago we asked your organization to serve on the Cascade Water Alliance Connections Working Group to assist us in reviewing our Transmission and Supply Plan (TSP) that is required by the state on all water supply projects.

As a result of our work and your input, we have completed our draft TSP. It reflects the drastically changing dynamics in our region that were beginning to change even as we did our work together, and you saw some of those changes reflected as we went along. Water demand has decreased dramatically, and our plan reflects that.

We thank you for your work and participation on this project and have one final ask - look over the documents and please submit any questions or comments. Your participation and thoughtful input actually made a real difference in our final plan and in shaping our region’s future.

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Lake Tapps Reservoir Property Management Policy
Cascade Water Alliance hosted an Open House and workshop for the Lake Tapps community on January 12th to share with residents the draft policy regarding the use of its property by third parties around the Reservoir. Over 100 residents attended. The policy stipulates that any new improvements or modifications on Cascade’s Lake Tapps Reservoir property will require a license from Cascade, as well as the appropriate permits from state and local jurisdictions as required. “Our goal is to keep the property free of obstructions and unauthorized structures to ensure dike integrity, water quality, public safety and use are not compromised,” said Lloyd Warren, then chair of the Board of Directors.

Existing structures or facilities on Cascade property may be “grandfathered” if Cascade determines that they do not pose an adverse impact on the operations of the Reservoir, or pose a danger to public health or safety. Read more…

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