Flowline Outage

Project Description:

The flowline outage project began in July 2014 with the closure of the headgates and dewatering of the flowline. The flowline takes water from the White River to Lake Tapps, and is responsible for filling the lake. In anticipation of the maintenance outage, lake levels were raised to the highest allowable level, elevation 543 feet, to maintain summer lake levels through Labor Day weekend. The flowline outage is necessary for a variety of maintenance and repair projects including repairing Dike 3, replacing the last section of the timber flume, refurbishing the headgates and assessing facilities that drain water from the lake back to the White River, and removing more than 100,000 cubic yards of sediment from the flowline. The flowline outage and maintenance activities are needed to ensure proper lake refill in years to come.

Scheduled Start:

July 2014

Scheduled Completion:

September 2014

Status Update:

Complete.  About 90,000 cubic yards were removed.