Project Updates Overview

Updated June 26, 2015

Fill Lake Tapps; Lake full all summer Bring lake to highest allowable level (543’) July 2014 July 2014
Barrier Dam Repair July 2014 July 2014
Flowline OutageClick for additional details and photos > Remove sediment; maintenance; About 75,000 cubic yards were removed. July 2014 September 2014
Fish Screen Maintenance, cleaning, sediment removal July 2014 August 2014
Twin 10’ Pipelines Inspection and repair July 2014 September 2014
Milfoil Control Project Annual maintenance (hand pulling) July 2014 August 2014
Lower Lake Levels Click for additional details and photos > Necessary to do assessments and projects. The lake has been drawn down to 500’. November 2014
Dike 3 Address regulatory seismic requirements and remediation November 2014 January 2015
Timber FlumeClick for additional details and photos > Replace 2,300’ timber flume with new concrete flume September 2014 March 2015
Existing Flume Repair Repair 1,500’ of eroded floor concrete December 2014 March 2015
Dike Piezometer Engineering work January-February 2015 February-March 2015
Headgate Rehabilitation, replacement October 2014 June 2015
Lower Conveyance System Condition assessment and repair October 2014 May 2015 Inspection complete. Tunnel intake repairs complete. Installing security fence and decking.
Refill lake Resume diversions to fill to recreational summer levels March 2015 May 2015