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Rate Structure

Members have agreed (in the Interlocal Contract) to pay member charges, which includes but
are not limited to all cater supply rates and charges, Regional Capital Facilities Charges, dues, assessments and other payments from members. Cascade rates and charges are the same for
all members. Certain components of member charges are described below.

Water Supply Rates and Charges

The board sets rates and charges for delivery of water (called "Demand Share Charges") according to a Rate Calculation Methodology adopted by the board in accordance with the Interlocal Contract.

Regional Capital Facilities Charge (RCFC)

Each member is required to pay RCFCs to Cascade for each new equivalent residential unit connected to that member's water distribution system. RCFCs are intended to allocate growth
costs to members.

Administrative Dues

Each member is required to pay annual dues to defray part of Cascade's administrative costs, based upon the number of equivalent residential units served by that member's water system, regardless of water usage or capacity, and whether or not those units are served by water
from Cascade.

Conservation Program Charge

A conservation program charge is assessed to each member.