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Infrastructure Needs and Costs

Cascade has developed a long-term Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for development of the supply portfolio. Major projects include construction of the Tacoma-Cascade Pipeline by 2024 and construction of the Lake Tapps Project in two phases at 2030 and 2045. The estimated cost of the projects described in the 50 Year CIP is approximately $950 million.

Recent changes in Cascade’s wholesale purchase contracts with SPU and TPU will likely delay when these projects are actually needed. Cascade will continue to monitor member demand and adjust the anticipated construction schedule for needed infrastructure.

Anticipated sources of funding for infrastructure construction include revenue bonds and capital reserves, including income from Cascade’s Regional Capital Facilities Charges (RCFCs) collected from members over time. Cascade will also seek lower-cost sources of funding, such as grants and loans from state and federal sources.