2019 Cascade Water Efficiency Program Annual Report Now Available

Cascade Water Alliance’s 2019 Water Efficiency Program saves approximately 52 million gallons of water, 6.4 million kilowatt hours of energy, and four million pounds of avoided greenhouse gas emissions per year. These savings are equivalent to providing all the indoor water needs for more than 650 families and removing more than 200 cars from the road. The program benefits thousands of residents, businesses, schools, and public agencies through a variety of education and outreach activities, training, and replacement of old fixtures and equipment.

To achieve these outcomes, Cascade partners with many entities across the region.  In 2019 Cascade collaborated with Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Sno-King Watershed Council, Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Washington, and Tukwila School Districts, Puget Sound Energy, Sustainability Ambassadors, Tilth Alliance, King County Housing Authority, and others. Cascade’s Water Efficiency program includes classroom presentations, Cascade Gardener classes, Water Smart training, Sustainable Landscaping courses, and more.

Because of COVID-19, many of the programs in 2020 moved to an online format. Cascade’s classroom combined water education programs typically impact about 17,000 students per year. When schools closed this spring, Cascade and its vendor, Nature Vision, quickly developed a series of distance learning materials based on the content Nature Vision provides in its in-person presentations. Seven sets of materials customized for four different grade levels were developed after students were sent home.

From April to the end of the school year in June, the materials were accessed more than 6,100 times. The Problem-Based learning for Water Systems continued its teacher labs via Zoom and has produced several student-voiced videos from the events, which are currently being utilized. Cascade provided several gardening videos and live stream events with its gardening experts that have been viewed thousands of times

Cascade’s Water Efficiency Program offsets the impacts to regional water demand through growth so, for the foreseeable future, overall annual water demand will likely remain flat or near flat when adjusted for weather.

See the full 2019 Cascade Water Efficiency Program Annual Report here: https://cascadewater.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Cascade_2019_AnnualReport-final.pdf