Dike 12 Notice of Construction Activity

Cascade Water Alliance, owner of the Lake Tapps Reservoir, is improving and raising Dike 12, the lowest dike on the reservoir.  The improvements will increase safety, reliability and resiliency of the dike and reservoir. The work will add two feet of crushed compact rock to the top of the dike and take approximately two weeks.

Construction will begin March 30 and end about April 10.  Construction activities will take place Monday to Friday from about 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

Materials will be brought to the project site using the Tapps Island entrance. Construction traffic entering and exiting the site will be managed with flaggers at the entrance to Tapps Island at 214th Ave East.

We know this is an inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding of the situation.  Safety is our top concern as we manage the project and traffic impacts.