Dikes Surrounding Lake Tapps Inspected

Washington State’s Dam Safety Office (DSO) took advantage of the drawdown of the Lake Tapps Reservoir to do its proscribed evaluation of the dikes surrounding the reservoir in February. The reservoir was originally created by flooding four small lakes and is held in place as “Lake Tapps” by a series of 15 dikes. These earthen dikes are inspected at least once every five years to determine safety and security. The DSO inspected the reservoir (water) side of 13 of the dikes and later this year will return to inspect the landward side of these dikes. This inspection, when the reservoir is full, will enable DSO to assess any seepage through the dikes. The DSO will provide Cascade with a report on the condition of the dikes following the final inspections and Cascade will then plan to implement any required improvements necessary to ensure the integrity of the dikes. For more details click here. 2017 Dam Safety Report on Dikes