Lake Tapps Levels Update

Cascade is meeting its agreement with the Lake Tapps homeowners to keep a full recreational pool of Lake Tapps reservoir levels between elevation 541.5 and 543 feet from mid-April until October.  Despite normal snow pack and a wet spring, the White River – where Lake Tapps gets its water – has been experiencing flows that are 20 to 40 percent below median flows since early June, with many days setting all-time record lows.  Cascade crews have been working 24/7 to divert and deliver any available water to achieve the goal of keeping lake between 542.5 and 542.7 feet during the summer recreational period.  While the reservoir is still meeting recreational pool requirements, the weather is setting records for heat and dryness, which is posing a significant challenge. Cascade will continue to keep residents up to date on flows, and residents can follow this at here.

Check for updates on Lake Tapps levels here.