Lake Tapps Spring Refill Update

Cascade will begin the spring refill of the Lake Tapps Reservoir on Tuesday, February 16.  Cascade draws the reservoir level down during the winter for dike stability and maintenance activities.

Cascade maintains seasonal recreational water levels between elevation 541.5′ and 543′ from April 15 to September 30.  Cascade does not anticipate any delay in reaching the agreed-upon reservoir level of 541.5′ by April 15.

As a reminder, residents who wish to do any work on their property, such as bulkheads, docks, boatlifts, etc., must obtain all the appropriate, required permits and a Cascade license prior to beginning any work.  Further, residents should keep in mind as they do work on their property, especially bulkheads, that Cascade has the authority to raise reservoir levels to elevation 543′ under current water rights, so any new or modified bulkheads should be built to at least elevation 544′. Cascade raises the reservoir to 543′ once a year for a day or so as a reminder.

For information regarding licenses for project work click here.