Lake Tapps Reservoir to Rise to 543′ Around May 6

This week, Cascade will raise the Lake Tapps Reservoir to approximately elevation 543 feet, the maximum allowable level at which Cascade can operate. The reservoir will reach this elevation on or around May 6 and will then be drawn down slightly to normal recreational summer levels.

Cascade has raised the reservoir to the maximum allowed at least once each year since it took ownership in late 2009, as a reminder to homeowners that this is the maximum fill level under operating agreements with the Lake Tapps Community Council.   After the maximum fill, Cascade will keep the reservoir between elevation 541.5 to 543 feet, usually between 542.5 and 542.7 feet, through late September, weather dependent.

Also, around May 23, Cascade will be installing fencing on some dikes for the summer. Although the dikes are closed to the public, on warm, sunny days many people recreate illegally despite “No Trespassing” signs. Activity on the dikes also increases when nearby parks get full and close early. This summer Cascade will be using fencing and enforcement by the Pierce County Sheriff to block entry and remove trespassers for safety, security and to protect the dikes from damage.  Please respect the “No Trespassing” signs and enjoy summer in the parks and on public beaches, not on the dikes.

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