TappsWise Program

Keeping Lake Tapps clean and healthy is up to everyone who enjoys the lake today and into the future. Nutrients from failing septic tanks and nutrients from fertilizers and from runoff feed vegetation in the reservoir and can result in excessive algae, toxic algae blooms, reduced water clarity, and stress on fish and wildlife. That is why Cascade has partnered with Tacoma Pierce County Health Department to improve water quality in Lake Tapps with the TappsWise program. This program offers workshops, site visits, and other education for homeowners. By making a few small changes, you can protect your lake and become part of the solution.

What you can do to be TappsWise

Become a steward of your lake—help keep it safe for swimming, playing, fishing and boating. Follow these easy steps to start improving water quality:

  • Practice natural yard care.
  • Maintain your septic system.
  • Scoop your pet’s poop.
  • Attend workshops to learn more.
  • Get TappsWise certified.

For the next workshops and to find out more, click here.