Lake Tapps News


Cascade Announces Spring Refill for Lake Tapps

Cascade will begin the spring refill of the Lake Tapps Reservoir on Friday, February 16. Cascade draws the reservoir level down during the winter for dike stability and maintenance activities.  >>


Lake Tapps Reservoir Drawdown Reminder

Cascade will begin the active fall drawdown on November 1 and will bring the reservoir level down to approximately 538-539 feet elevation for the fall and winter. Residents should watch  >>


2023 Lake Tapps Reservoir Drawdown

Cascade Water Alliance has announced the 2023 Lake Tapps Reservoir drawdown. Due to the dry and warm weather conditions, Cascade is not able to add any additional water to the  >>


Phase 2 Milfoil Treatment Scheduled for Week of August 7, 2023

Based on milfoil surveys and information received from residents throughout the year, Cascade is treating for milfoil in two phases in 2023. Phase one was completed the week of June  >>


14 Billion Gallons of Water

Did you know that the Lake Tapps Reservoir holds about 14 billion gallons of water?  And it takes 39 million gallons of water a day just to maintain the Lake  >>