Regional Resiliency Partnerships

Cascade Water Alliance works with water supply providers on the local, state and federal level to ensure critical legislation is adopted that will aid in delivery of safe reliable water to benefit ratepayers and water supply.

Cascade is also a member of the Central Puget Sound Water Supply Forum that, with Seattle, Tacoma, King County and others, addresses current and future water supply issues, including supply system resiliency, planning, policy and regulation, and environmental stewardship. The group’s most recent work identified critical areas of potentially major service disruption (like earthquakes, water quality, climate change and drought) and is currently developing options for addressing as a region these potential challenges. Cascade is also doing work with its members to develop an emergency response plan to address service issues in an emergency in its service area.

Cascade Resiliency

Cascade is doing work with its members to develop its resiliency effort to address water delivery issues in its service area following in an earthquake or other emergency.

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