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June 30th "Future of Cascade and Lake Tapps Reservoir" Pre-Workshop Materials

In preparation for the June 30th “Future of Cascade and Lake Tapps Reservoir” workshop, below are links to several documents. The document in the first bullet below – Summary of Cascade’s Past and Present Water Supply Management –  summarizes critical decisions, activities, milestones and agreements that are important to understand as we consider Cascade’s future water supply path.  Please read this first document prior to the June 23rd Board meeting. To make the best use of the June 30th workshop, part of the June 23rd Board meeting will be spent reviewing key past and present issues, including those contained in this document. The Key Historic Agreements are for reference only.

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Cascade Resiliency Workshop (June 2017)

Cascade's 20th Anniversary (March 2019)

Lake Tapps Reservoir

For Lake Tapps agreements, water rights, and other information, click here.

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