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White River – Lake Tapps Reservoir Property Management Policy

The White River – Lake Tapps Reservoir Property Management Policy addresses management and use of property owned by Cascade. The policy aims to keep Cascade’s property free of obstructions and unauthorized use, activities and/or improvements to maintain dike integrity, water quality, environmental health and safety, and public enjoyment. The policy ensures that any modifications or new improvements are granted permission by Cascade and permitted by other agencies and are consistent with Cascade’s operations.

Cascade owns facilities that convey water from the White River in Buckley, through the Reservoir, and back to the White River in Sumner. At this time, only the Reservoir is open to recreational use.  Cascade owns the Reservoir lake bed and shoreline up to the 545’ elevation line and the dikes surrounding the Reservoir. The typical summer recreation level of the Reservoir is 541.5’ to 543’ elevation. Cascade allows certain recreational uses on its Reservoir property as well as allowing property owners adjacent to some dikes to cross over the dikes to access the Reservoir for recreation.

Lake Tapps Licenses

All modified or new improvements on the Lake Tapps Reservoir require Licenses.

Cascade Water Alliance owns the reservoir lake bed and shoreline up to the 545’ elevation line (as a reference, note that the typical summer recreation level of the reservoir is 541.5 to 543′). A license is required from Cascade to modify an existing improvement or establish a new improvement on this property, including bulkheads, docks, boat lifts, boat ramps, and boat houses. See Table 1 in the Lake Tapps Reservoir Property Management Policy for the complete list of improvements requiring a license. Please submit your application and any questions to

Prior to any construction on Lake Tapps, residents must:

  1. Obtain a license from Cascade
  2. Obtain all necessary state and local permits
  3. Meet insurance requirements
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Sample Lake Tapps License

License Insurance image

Insurance Requirements

Lake Tapps Dike Usage


Cascade’s dikes are closed to the general public. Trespassing on these dikes will be subject to enforcement by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.