Teacher/Student Learning Resources

Cascade provides a wide array of educational resources and opportunities for teachers and students, including free classroom education programs.

Classroom presentations

Cascade provides free classroom programs based around water education for schools in its service area. For more information, contact mbrent@cascadewater.org

Teacher Fellows

Cascade’s Teacher Fellows program recruits master teachers who design and implement problem-based curriculum focused on water. The case studies below are available for your use.

Irrigation Learning Lab

Cascade and Lake Washington Institute of Technology created the Irrigation Learning Lab, a regional resource to teach the fundamentals of smart irrigation technologies to landscape and irrigation professionals, parks departments, and others interested in sustainable landscaping.

Water Systems Symposium

Each year, Cascade hosts the Water Systems Symposium for educators, decision makers, and thinkers to learn about cutting-edge technologies, policies, and actions happening around water supply, water and wastewater treatment, and stormwater management. 2016 Water Symposium video