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  Estimated Water Consumption (gal)
Indoor Water Use Answers
per month
How many people live in your household? (average miscellaneous use)
How many showers total are taken per week in your household?  
What is the average length of each shower? (in minutes)
If you are not sure, use 8 minutes
What is the flow rate of your showerhead? (gallons per minute)
Enter 2.5 gpm for standard, 1.5 gpm for high efficiency
How many baths are taken each week in your household?
How many flushes total per week in your household?  
How many gallons does your toilet use per flush?
Enter 3.5 gallons per flush for standard toilets, 1.6 gallons for high efficiency, and 1.28 gallons for WaterSense
Homes constructed after 1996 have 1.6gpf toilets
How many times are dishes washed by hand each week in your household?  
How long does the water run each time? (minutes)
How many times is the dishwashing machine run each week?
How many loads of laundry are done in your household each week?  
The average top-loader clothes washer uses 40 gallons per load and if you have a front loader, use 15 gallons per load
Outdoor Water Use
(Summer Months: May - September)
How many times is your lawn watered each week in the summer?  
How long is the lawn watered for? (minutes)
How much time is spent each week on miscellaneous watering such as washing cars, pets, watering garden? (minutes)

Estimated Water Use

Per Day
Per Week
Per Month
(100 cubic feet)
Total indoor use
Total outdoor use

Notes: Utility bills are mailed every two months (bi-monthly). You can find your actual water consumption on the bill and compare it to the calculator. Calculations here are estimates and not an exact representation of your household consumption. The following variables impact household water consumption differently:

  • Number of people living in residence
  • Age of residents
  • Fixture/appliance makes, models, and manufacturers
  • Seasonal rainfall/temperature for outdoor water use
  • Known or unknown leaks in household

Water Utility Rates