Lake Levels

Current Reservoir Levels

Lake Tapps Refill Update (4/25/19)

About May 1, Cascade will raise the Lake Tapps Reservoir to approximate elevation 543′, the maximum allowable level at which Cascade can operate. Cascade raises the Reservoir to this maximum allowed level on an annual basis. The Reservoir will remain at 543′ for about one day, after which Cascade will draw the Reservoir down slightly to normal recreational summer levels for the rest of the season, usually around 542.5′ to 542.7′.

Lake Tapps Refill Update (2/20/19)

The Lake Tapps Reservoir has reached the minimum agreed-upon summer recreational level of elevation 541.5 feet very early this year, due to concerns regarding impacts from construction by the US Army Corps of Engineers of the Mud Mountain Dam Fish Passage Project in Buckley. Cascade has been slowly allowing additional water into the reservoir to ensure recreational levels (541.5 – 543 feet) will be reached by the contractual date of April 15 as agreed upon by the Lake Tapps Community Council.  The construction project will continue for at least another year, and Cascade is working in cooperation with the Corps to ensure the project continues on time and the reservoir can be filled appropriately. Cascade will continue to add water when it is available.

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General Reservoir Level Management

Cascade has owned and operated the Lake Tapps Reservoir since 2009. During that time, Cascade has managed lake levels in accordance with the provisions of the Lake Tapps Reservoir Water Rights, which incorporate relevant provisions from the 2009 Agreement regarding Lake Tapps between Cascade Water Alliance and the Lake Tapps Community and the 2008 White River Management Agreement between the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, the Muckleshoot Indian Tribe and Cascade Water Alliance.

The Water Rights and the agreements provide for Cascade to maintain recreational reservoir levels or normal full pool, between elevation 541.5′ and 543.0′ (gage height) from April 15 through Sept. 30.

Typical fall drawdown to a lake level of approximately elevation 538′ – 539′ is sufficient to protect the integrity of the Lake Tapps dikes and for any routine inspections. This minimizes the wear on the valves in the power house during fall drawdown and the risk of problems refilling the Lake Tapps Reservoir during periods of water shortage.

Specific dike or other maintenance projects will require Cascade to reduce the lake level in the fall and winter to approximately elevation 533′ to 535′ (some projects may require the level to be lower).