Lake Tapps News


Lake Tapps Spring Refill Updated

Click here for updates on the Lake Tapps Reservoir spring refill and other lake levels information.

Dike 12 Notice of Construction Activity

Cascade Water Alliance, owner of the Lake Tapps Reservoir, is improving and raising Dike 12, the lowest dike on the reservoir.  The improvements will increase safety, reliability and resiliency of  >>


Cascade Announces Spring Fill for Lake Tapps

Cascade will begin the spring fill of the Lake Tapps Reservoir on Sunday, March 1.  This is to allow Pierce County to finish upgrading its bulkhead and improving park amenities  >>

Lake Tapps Reservoir Drawdown Update

To allow Pierce County to do upgrades to its bulkhead at North Tapps Park, Cascade will begin to actively lower the reservoir level on Friday, Nov. 1, to an approximate  >>


Lake Tapps Drawdown Update

The reservoir is currently at full recreation levels. No new water will be added, and the reservoir will begin to slowly float down (the rate will depend on rainfall). Residents  >>