Lake Tapps News

Lake Tapps Spring Refill Update

Cascade will begin the spring refill of the Lake Tapps Reservoir on Tuesday, February 16.  Cascade draws the reservoir level down during the winter for dike stability and maintenance activities.  >>

2021 Lake Tapps Winter Water Levels and Spring Refill

The December water level at the Lake Tapps Reservoir is approximately 539′.  Starting in early January, Cascade will slowly bring the reservoir level down to approximately 535′ by January 30.   >>


Lake Tapps Drawdown Begins Nov 1

As announced on September 18, Cascade will begin the fall drawdown on November 1 and will bring the reservoir level down to approximately 539 feet for the fall and winter.   >>


Lake Tapps Reservoir Levels Update

Due to no precipitation and low river flows, the reservoir level has dropped slightly to 542.3’ (as of 2:30 on 9/11/20). Cascade is doing everything it can to add water  >>


Reminder to License Before Modifying or Constructing a New Improvement at Lake Tapps Reservoir

All modified or new improvements on the Lake Tapps Reservoir require a License from Cascade. Cascade owns the reservoir lake bed and shoreline up to the 545’ elevation line (note  >>