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Lake Tapps Reservoir Property Management Policy

The Cascade Board adopted the Lake Tapps Reservoir Property Management Policy to address management and use of property owned by Cascade at the Lake Tapps Reservoir. The intent of this policy is to keep Cascade’s property free of any obstructions and unauthorized use, activities and/or improvement to ensure that:

  • (A) existing improvements and commercial and non-commercial activities do not compromise dike integrity, water quality, environmental health or safety, and public enjoyment, or expose Cascade to legal or financial risk; and/or
  • (B) any modifications or new improvements are (1) granted permission by Cascade and permitted by other agencies; (2) accomplished in a manner to maintain dike integrity, water quality, environmental health or safety, and public enjoyment; and (3) consistent with Cascade’s operation of the Project for water utility and recreational purposes.

Through the “1954 Deed”, Puget Sound Energy (PSE): conveyed most of the land surrounding the Lake Tapps Reservoir to the Lake Tapps Development Corporation (LTDC); reserved ownership of the land and lake bed below the 545′ elevation line; and agreed to allow certain recreational uses below that line. In 1958, when the LTDC re-conveyed the dikes back to PSE through the  “1958 Deed”, it reserved the right for owners of the property adjacent to the dikes to cross over the dikes to access the Reservoir for recreation.

In 2009, Cascade obtained the Reservoir from PSE and now owns all land below the 545′ elevation line and the 15 dikes (subject to the recreation uses allowed in the 1954 and 1958 Deeds). The typical summer recreation level of the reservoir is 541-5 to 543′, so Cascade owns the land above that water level up to the 545′ elevation. Over the years, many property owners obtained permission from PSE or Cascade to use the Reservoir property below the 545′ foot line for recreational purposes, including docks, bulkheads, boat lifts, etc.

Lake Tapps Licenses

Permission from Cascade is required to establish or modify a new use, activity, and/or improvement. All such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Prior to any construction on Lake Tapps, residents must:

  1. Obtain a license from Cascade
  2. Obtain all necessary state and local permits
  3. Meet insurance requirements
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Sample Lake Tapps License


Insurance Requirements

Lake Tapps Dike Usage


Cascade’s dikes are closed to the general public. Trespassing on these dikes will be subject to enforcement by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office.