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Important Lake Tapps Reservoir Information

March 16, 2015

Cascade Water Alliance began refilling the Lake Tapps Reservoir system over the weekend. The speed of the refill is dependent on the available flows in the river. The target for reaching recreational lake (reservoir) levels remains Memorial Day weekend.

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Lake Tapps Refill Set for Mid-March

February 24, 2015

The Lake Tapps – White River improvement projects that required the lake to be drawn down this winter are on track and expected to be completed in time to begin refill of the lake by mid-March as originally projected.

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Record Amount of Water Put in Trust for Fish

January 08, 2015

The Washington Department of Ecology has signed an agreement with a consortium of five cities and two water and sewer districts in King County for permanent and temporary trust water donations that will protect flows for fish in the river through 2034 and beyond.

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Lake Tapps Improvement Projects Progressing

December 18, 2014

Cascade Water Alliance announces that its major rehabilitation activities along the entire White River Lake Tapps project to update, improve, and enhance the system are underway and ahead of schedule.

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Notice of Major Construction Activity and Truck Traffic

October 01, 2014

Cascade Water Alliance, owner of the White River/Lake Tapps project, is making significant improvements and enhancements to the system. As a result, there will be a greatly increased amount of heavy truck traffic from Highway 410 at Park Avenue left onto North River Avenue towards the flume now throughout February.

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Our Mission

As our magnificent region continues to grow, so do the demands for clean, safe reliable drinking water.

"At Cascade, we plan for water out 25 to 50 years to ensure the viability of our communities."
- John Marchione, board chair

Cascade's mission is to provide water supply to meet current and future needs of our members in a cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner through partnerships, conservation, acquiring, constructing and managing water supply infrastructure and fostering regional water planning.

Members are Our Source of Quality

Our local member cities and utilities are the source of water quality, making sure our 350,000 residents and 20,000 businesses receive great tasting high quality water today... and tomorrow.

Cascade's Vision for Today...and Tomorrow