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Overview of Cascade Gardener Classes

From February to April 2016, 30 free classes will be taught by our team of expert gardening professionals on a wide range of topics. Classes are FREE, but registration is required. For more information, and to register through Brown Paper Tickets, click on the topics below. Download the 2016 class catalog.

Cascade Gardener Classes

Food Gardening Classes

Sustainable Veggie Gardening
Growing your own organic food is a fun and delicious way to garden in the Pacific Northwest. Vegetables, berries, and fruit trees need special care to thrive, but your time and energy will pay off with great tasting, nutritious, home-grown food. Best of all, food crops can be incorporated into your existing landscape, large or small! This class will teach you how to make your yard produce great food.

Edible Landscapes for the Homeowner
Would you like to grow your own food but think it’s too much work or takes too much time? Learn how to employ design strategies from nature, so you can grow easy peasy edibles that are low maintenance, resilient, and sustainable. Plant once and enjoy the harvest from your edible landscape for years. Basic food forest design is featured and see favorite low maintenance edibles for the Pacific Northwest. This class is guaranteed fun!

Grow Your Own Food Forest
Learn how to incorporate fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and flowers by mimicking a forest. This class will take you beyond planting annuals to incorporating trees, shrubs, and perennials that bear fruit year after year. Key food forest concepts, basic site preparation steps, and examples of plants to create your own food forest will be covered. You'll have an opportunity to see a sheet-mulching demo and a variety of plants you can use for your own food forest.

Secrets of Companion Planting in Your Edible Garden
Everything in the garden is connected! Instead of combining plant varieties that compete with each other for water and nutrients, learn how to choose communities of plants that grow well together and encourage each other’s growth. In this class, we will discuss characteristics of your annual and perennial food crops, and how to group them together into mutually beneficial plant communities for maximizing space and harvest.

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Plants & Landscape Classes

Native Splendor in the Garden
Learn about Pacific Northwest native plants that are beautiful, easy to care for, and thrive in our unique climate and soil conditions. We’ll focus on plant selections for a variety of growing conditions including challenges such as dry sun and shade, how to use native plants as the foundation for a new landscape or incorporate them into an existing landscape, and maintenance practices that keep them healthy and growing strong.

Water-wise, Resilient, and Low-Maintenance Landscapes
Tired of weeding, mowing and dragging around a hose? Learn easy techniques to have a gorgeous garden that doesn’t require endless work and water. Discover great plants that are well suited for the seasonal moisture extremes of our wet winters and dry summers.

Favorite Northwest Natives
If you want to give your yard a Northwest flavor, this workshop will highlight native plants that would make a great addition to your landscape. Whether you want shade, privacy, pollinators, birds or a hassle-free landscape, discover plant suggestions you can take to the nursery.

Weed Wars – While Still Playing Fair with Mother Nature
Learn tips, techniques and planting plans to keep control of invasive and pesky weeds without harming the delicate eco-system of your garden.

The Un-thirsty Landscape – How to enjoy a lush garden with lower water bills
Learn the secrets of more drama with less drinking by choosing the right plant material and some professional landscaping tips that cut back on not just water use but maintenance as well. This class showcases fantastic foliage plants, shrubs for adding year-round interest, and container gardens that survive on rainfall alone. Learn the secrets of having a colorful flower garden that blooms without extra water.

Natural Yard Care
Learn natural yard care steps can help you enjoy your landscape more and also save you time, money and water. Become familiar with the five natural yard care steps for a better garden. Weed control strategies and preparing you landscape for the hot, dry summer months will be discussed.

Dazzling Dry Shade Gardening
Brighten shady spots with plants that thrive in dry shade – under trees, eaves of houses, and in areas you are tired of watering. Learn easy steps to give these plants a good start and gather simple solutions for bare areas, lawn alternatives, and seasonal color.

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening for Beauty and Sustainability
Welcome songbirds, butterflies, and beneficial insects into your yard while conserving natural resources at the same time. Discover how urban wildlife can provide you with year-round natural pest and weed control and better pollination. Learn about design techniques and maintenance practices that can attract and nurture beneficial wildlife in your garden for years to come.

Proven Tips & Techniques for First-Time Gardeners
Get started with simple and fun tips for a beautiful and low-maintenance garden. Peggy shares basic techniques that are easy on you and the environment. Discover how to keep weeds out, water use low, and have color year-round.

Sustainable Gardening - A Better Way to Beautiful
It’s possible! Enjoy easy-care plants, fewer weeds, and less watering, without all the chemicals – a healthier garden! Learn successful techniques and practical tips for transitioning your garden to a sustainable one. Discover how to select plants that will thrive for you.

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Irrigation Classes

Rain Barrels and Drip Irrigation - A Perfect Pairing
Rainwater is pure, plentiful, and your plants love it. Best of all, it’s free! Rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting and storing rainwater for use in your yard. Drip irrigation is an extremely efficient and effective way to water your plants. This class will teach you how to utilize both technologies to help you save money and keep your landscape looking great!

Drip Irrigation Basics for the Home Gardener
Learn how easy it is to water your garden with resource-efficient drip irrigation! This class will cover the basics of design, installation and use of a drip irrigation system in the home garden. We will discuss water requirements for edibles and ornamentals, what parts you’ll need and where to purchase them, how to put it all together and get it running. Soaker hoses and other low-pressure options for your garden will also be discussed. This class will include a lecture, an opportunity to assemble components of a drip system and an outdoor demonstration, so dress for the weather.

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Lawn Classes

Natural Lawn Care
Learn how to have a better lawn with less effort with Natural Lawn Care practices that will save you time, money and water. Learn how to grow a better lawn with less fertilizer, water and pesticides. Mowing, watering, fertilizing and weed control will be talked about along with moss and mole solutions.

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Design Classes

Save Water Using Permaculture Design
Get introduced to Permaculture – its ethics and principles derived from nature with research from ecology and sustainability fields. This holistic design assists in creating healthy and beautiful landscapes that use fewer resources, are low maintenance, and become self-renewing. Learn several techniques used in permaculture, such as sheet mulching, which you can implement to save water now!

Designing Your Own Northwest Paradise
Landscapes and gardens offer a wealth of benefits if designed and managed well. Learn how to look at your garden as an ecosystem and explore the possibilities to make your space more sustainable. How to build healthy soils, good design, as well as proper maintenance strategies will be covered and you will see examples of beautiful gardens for inspiration.

Perma-what? Garden Design for Functional and Abundant Landscapes
What is permaculture and how can it help us to create a more sustainable and healthy future? Learn with step-by-step instructions, favorite inspirations and great perennial edible plants for your own beautiful and abundant gardens!

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