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The shoreline stabilization work around Dikes 2A, 2B, 3 and 11 began January 9. Homeowners are not allowed to use the dikes for any purpose other than to cross over to access the Reservoir (unless they have received a special permit from PSE). As part of this shoreline stabilization work, and pursuant to Cascade's draft real estate management policy, Cascade will be removing any improvements located on these particular Dikes as they are not allowed.

In addition, Cascade's dam engineers advise that certain future improvements - such as covered areas, fences, fire pits, stair cases, docks, yard furniture, and log booms - will not be allowed, as they impede maintenance or emergency vehicle/boat access, or create ground surface penetrations or depressions on the dike. Because this has the potential to compromise dike integrity, no new improvements are allowed.

Removal of large trees in Lake Tapps may fall under the purview of either Pierce County or Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and may require certain permits or other authorizations. This is not a matter that Cascade regulates because the actions are not being taken on Cascade property.

Trees and all vegetation located on and that sits above the 545' contour line, and thus not part of Cascade ownership. Islands above the 545' contour line were conveyed by Puget Sound Energy, the former owner, to the Lake Tapps development Corporation (LTDC) in 1954. While it is uncertain as to whether islands in Lake Tapps were convened from the LTDC to landowners as property around Lake Tapps was subsequently developed and marketed after 1954. This property was NOT part of the Cascade acquisition in 2009.

Residents should contact Pierce County or the State Department of Fish and Wildlife for more information, required permits or authorizations.