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Lake Tapps Reservoir Spring Refill Update

March 07, 2016

The Lake Tapps reservoir is now at elevation 541.5 feet – the bottom of full recreational pool – and will continue to be between the 541.5 to 543 foot range throughout the spring and summer.

Lake Tapps Community Celebrates Third Swimsafe Summer!

November 05, 2015

Following a 2012 summer that saw three deaths in Lake Tapps, the surrounding cities, first responders, school districts and Cascade Water Alliance, owner of the reservoir, came together to take steps to help swimmers and boaters who enjoy recreation on Lake Tapps and other area waterways stay safe in a campaign called Swimsafe.

Fall Drawdown Schedule for Lake Tapps Reservoir Announced

October 26, 2015

Lake Tapps, WA  –   Cascade Water Alliance in consultation with the Lake Tapps Community Council today announced its expected fall drawdown schedule for fall 2015 and fill in early spring 2016. The fall drawdown of Lake Tapps will begin the last half of November.  Until then, Cascade will maintain the reservoir at current levels (approximately elevation 541-542 feet). Cascade will be lowering the reservoir in the last half of November approximately two to three feet (to approximately elevation 539.5 feet) to protect

Lake Tapps Reservoir Update

September 22, 2015

The Lake Tapps Reservoir remains full, and Cascade is allowing the current fall weather to slowly bring the level to the minimum recreation levels (election 541.5 feet) well into October. On or after the end of October, Cascade will announce that it will drop the level of the reservoir only a couple of feet in November to prevent risk to the safety of the dikes from winter storms, rains and wave action. It will remain at that level for the remainder of

Lake Tapps Reservoir Update

August 14, 2015

Yesterday Cascade took the last of the water stored behind Mud Mountain Dam from Phase 3 of the Barrier Structure Repair Project. That project is now complete. The agreed-upon recreational level for Lake Tapps Reservoir is 541.5 to 543 feet. Reservoir level reached 541.5 feet on Saturday, August 8, at about 8:00 p.m. Today we are at 542.84 feet. For the remainder of the summer, any water to maintain Reservoir levels will have to come from natural flow in the White River.

Reservoir Fill Update

August 06, 2015

This morning Cascade started diverting water from the White River into the flume. A significant portion of this water is from the Mud Mountain Dam storage held during this third and final phase of the Barrier Structure project.

Lake Tapps Reservoir Update

August 04, 2015

The Lake Tapps Reservoir is at elevation 541’ (540.98’). As you may have noticed, we added about four inches of water to the Reservoir over the weekend. The Corp began storing water for Phase 3 of the Barrier Structure Project late last week. Maintenance work at Mud Mountain Dam resulted in the release of some stored water (the four inches that were added to the Reservoir). The Corps started storing water again late Sunday and currently has approximately 3,200 acre feet of

Lake Tapps Reservoir Update

August 03, 2015

Cascade continues to put some water into the reservoir to ensure levels remain around elevation 541 feet as water continues to be stored behind Mud Mountain Dam during the last phase of the apron repair project.